Erie Biogas Cogeneration & Organics Processing Inc.

EBCOP has developed plans to re-purpose a 6,000,000 gallon tank farm (formerly Bick’s Pickles) as a Cogeneration and Source Segregated (Green Bin) Organics Processing facility.

This plan creates an environmentally responsible renewable energy business proposal. EBCOP will reduce CO2 emissions, reduce landfill, and create a renewable power source in addition to producing the highest quality compost. It will create jobs and generate revenue for the community.

Of all renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydro) biogas is the most environmentally efficient and beneficial.

By converting waste into energy, biogas plants reduce odours and pathogens, produce an enhanced fertilizer and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike ‘fossil-based’ natural gas, biogas is a carbon neutral renewable energy source.

The existing infrastructure, tanks and facilities lend themselves to large scale anaerobic digestion (sealed tank odour free composting) which will substantially reduce the cost to initiate the proposed operation on the site.

The proposed development would deploy a state of the art thermal hydrolysis (TH) pre-process for pasteurization of the organics and a cogeneration plant for the generation of electricity and steam.

Once re-purposed the facility will generate an anticipated 90 - 110 million KWH/year of biogas and process approximately 100,000 tons of Source Segregated Organics into 27,000 tons of pasteurized (pathogen free) compost soil. Odour and traffic would not exceed existing MOE approved measures.

The facility would represent capital costs of $60,000,000, create 22 full time jobs, and reduce CO2 emissions by 60,000 tons per year. Revenue would be generated from compost sales, electricity and steam sales and tipping fees.

The site is located in Delhi Ontario on 76 acres and would serve communities between London and Toronto.

Principals bring over 35 years in civil and mechanical construction work, as well as a strong core team of research engineering professionals.