Integrated Spatial Geomatics

Integrated Spatial Geomatics Corp. is a privately-held Canadian corporation with expertise in the fields of geomatics and geospatial sciences.

It is organized as a group of companies offering full-service capability in specialized areas of geospatial data acquisition, processing, storage & dissemination as well as training & knowledge transfer. All companies operating within the group are 100% owned by Integrated Spatial Geomatics.

ISG provides overall strategic direction along with a common corporate structure, governance and shared accounting, legal & HR functions. Although some company activities are complimentary, each organization applies very specialized knowledge, operating at the highest level within their respective disciplines.

The company operates globally, addressing the growing demand for geospatial data & services driven by governments, organizations and private companies around the world. It is positioned to service the requirements of both established geospatial programs as well as those of developing countries. Through consultation, practice, education and asset transfer, ISG helps define the needs faced by today's emerging markets, and meet those needs with geospatial services that provide sustainable economic development and drive foreign investment.